Another Day

An acoustic music video for "Another Day" from Ben Ales's debut album The Fool.



A music video for "I Love Bubbles" by Haydar Kendikendine...


bir garip bahar geçti. hızlı, yüksek, cesur, alçak, korkak. varlığın ve yokluğun bolca karşılaştırıldığı, kazanmalı ve kaybetmeli bir bahar geçti az önce. az önce geçti, bitti. yarın toprağa saklayacağız baharın döktüğü yaprakları, bir umut, huzur için.

Yağmur Duası

It was a long time before the climate change ban, but we weren't talking about it anyway. Instead, we were talking about "Safe Sex."


"Jamais Vu plays on déja vu, deviant repetition of what cannot quite be recalled as seen, the invisible in the spaces of visibility between one surface and the next, a body and what it touches, an outside in the most private of spaces." - Lewis Johnson


It feels like experiencing the mirror stage, it's like the first time seeing yourself in the mirror, looking at your reflection on the mirror, like a kid, who is discovering himself by looking at the pieces of his fragmented body. You may learn to accept the gap between or enjoy the view.

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